Arjun Singh Sethi to Moderate Intersectionality Panel

Professor Sethi will be offering Georgetown Law’s first course on policing in the Spring. He is currently director of law and policy at the Sikh Coalition, and has previously worked with the ACLU’s Legislative Office. His work focuses in part on the racial and religious targeting of Muslims and people of Arab and South Asian descent in the “counter-extremism” policies of the national security state.

Check out a recent piece he penned on the disconnect between President Obama’s praise for teenage clock-maker Ahmed Mohamed and his administrations counter-extremism policies in the Washington Post.

“Obama Says He Supports Ahmed Mohamed, but His Policies Don’t”


Alec Karakatsanis Published in the New York Times

“President Obama’s Department of Injustice”

Panelist Alec Karakatsanis (“Policing Second-Class Citizens”) of Equal Justice Under Law penned this critique of the rhetoric and reality of the Obama administration’s criminal justice policies.