Say Her Name: Andrea Ritchie on the Need for an Intersectional Approach to the Police/State

In a Mother Jones profile written this past summer, Intersectionality panelist Andrea Ritchie talks about Rekia Boyd and the other black women who have been killed at the hands of police. As the Police/State Symposium nears, arm yourself with knowledge about the issues!

“Police Kill Black Women Too—and We Don’t Talk About it Enough”


Looking Back: Paul Butler Talks Jury Nullification on Donahue

It’s hard to believe, but this episode of The Phil Donahue Show was recorded 20 years ago! Watch closely as Professor Paul Butler makes his argument for racially-based jury nullification. Butler’s argument is as compelling and provocative today as it was in 1995. All six parts of the episode are available on YouTube.

Don’t miss out on Professor Butler’s keynote address this Friday, at The Georgetown Law Journal’s volume 104 symposium, Police/State: Race, Power, and Control.

Jamar Clark: Minneapolis Man on Life Support After Being Shot by Police in Latest Episode of Police/State Violence

Witnesses say he was handcuffed. USA Today emphasizes his criminal record. Protests and a call for accountability have ensued in the wake of another police shooting of an unarmed black man. Will the call be answered, or will the use of Police/State force against Jamar Clark receive that multi-syllabic stamp of social approval—”justifiable”?

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