Georgetown Law Professor Arjun Sethi Helps Secure Suspension of Proposed FBI Program

Professor Arjun Sethi, moderator of the panel on “Intersectionality in the Police State,” has helped to spearhead advocacy efforts which successfully led the FBI to suspend the development of a new anti-terror program targeting Muslim schoolchildren. The game-like web program that would teach students and teachers how to spot and report incipient “extremism,” said Sethi and others, would serve more to further stigmatize Arab and Muslim students than to root out potential terrorists.

For more information about the program and the activist response that rose to contest it, check out this piece in the NYTimes:

To hear Professor Sethi speak more about his work, as he moderates a discussion about the vast array of subordinate identity groups targeted by police violence in the U.S., come to “Intersectionality in the Police State” this Friday at 11:00 A.M. in Hart Auditorium at Georgetown Law, 600 New Jersey Ave. NW.


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